16 AI SEO Tools and How to Use AI in 2023 [New Data] (2023)

Optimizing your content to rank high in search engines can be tedious, especially when there are many factors to consider. Page load times, keywords, content quality, and videos are all things that can affect SEO.

16 AI SEO Tools and How to Use AI in 2023 [New Data] (1)

Fortunately, AI SEO tools are available to streamline SEO optimization and boost your website's rankings.

In this article, we'll explore the various AI tools available to you, but first, let's dive into how marketers use AI and the definition of AI SEO.

How Marketers Use AI

What is AI SEO?

15 AI SEO Tools Marketers Should Know

How Marketers Use AI

We surveyed more than 1,350 marketers to learn how they use AI. Here are some statistics we found:

  • The majority of the marketers we surveyed (48%) reported using generative AI to conduct research.
  • 45% of marketers use generative AI for content creation.
  • When creating marketing content, most marketers surveyed (22%) said they use AI to generate ideas.
  • 70% of marketers said generative AI is important to their content marketing strategy.

So, what do these statistics tell us? Essentially, AI plays a prominent role in the workflow of many marketers.

If you want to stay competitive as SEO continues to change the marketing landscape, then it's time to consider how AI can help your brand.

One way to leverage AI is in SEO.

Many AI SEO tools can analyze your website's performance and provide solutions to areas that need improvement. If you're looking for AI SEO tools to help your site rank high in SERPs, here are some tools you should consider.

16 AI SEO Tools Marketers Should Know

From content writing to keyword searching to video creation, marketers should check out 20 AI SEO tools.

1. Jasper

16 AI SEO Tools and How to Use AI in 2023 [New Data] (3)Jasper is an AI writing assistant that can create SEO-optimized blog posts, emails, and other written marketing materials. All you have to do is provide the AI with seed words and clarify the tone of voice you desire.

From there, Jasper will analyze the information to create phrases, paragraphs, or full posts. Jasper has more than 50 templates users can choose from as well as other helpful features like:

  • Auto-save,
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Brand voice customization
  • Multi-user login

2. AlliAI

16 AI SEO Tools and How to Use AI in 2023 [New Data] (4)AlliAI allows users to optimize their website for SERPs in just minutes. A key feature is its Bulk Onpage Optimization, which creates site-wide optimization rules. The feature also deploys code changes down to individual pages.

AllAI also has a live editor that edits and optimizes text, content, and code within your page.

Furthermore, its Self-Optimizer for Traffic ROI automatically generates sitewide page titles with real-time focus keyword A/B testing to efficiently boost organic traffic.

3. Pro Rank Tracker

16 AI SEO Tools and How to Use AI in 2023 [New Data] (5)Getting real-time updates on where your content ranks in SERPs can be challenging. While it's possible to assess your ranking by manually searching in Google, the process can be time-consuming.

Plus, personalized and localized results can cause you to miscalculate your ranking.

Fortunately, Pro Rank Tracker is an SEO tool that provides daily automatic updates as well as updates on demand. Furthermore, its international tracking feature can track your rankings worldwide and in multiple languages.

4. RankIQ

16 AI SEO Tools and How to Use AI in 2023 [New Data] (6)Created specifically for bloggers and businesses with a blog, RankIQ is an SEO toolset that helps users create SEO-optimized blog posts.

RankIQ provides SEO content briefs identifying topics that Google's algorithm wants you to cover, allowing you to create a blog outline in minutes.

Its content-optimizing writing assistant even tells you what to add in your post to make it more comprehensive and likely to rank at the top of search engine results. You can even optimize older, underperforming posts in less than 30 minutes.

5. INK

16 AI SEO Tools and How to Use AI in 2023 [New Data] (7)INK is an AI writing tool that learns from your competition so you can write brand content that outranks your competitors. The tool also serves as an SEO assistant by finding the right keywords to enhance and further optimize your content.

Advanced users can also access keyword clustering. Other key features are:

  • AI Writer, a long-form document editor
  • SEO Optimizer to score content for SEO
  • Fully automated keyword search

6. HubSpot AI Tools

16 AI SEO Tools and How to Use AI in 2023 [New Data] (8)Click here to learn more about HubSpot's AI tools.

HubSpot has various AI tools that help you create optimized content that will rank high in SERPs. For example, our SEO suggestions tools can scan your website and automatically pinpoint opportunities for optimization.

Furthermore, our AI content assistant helps users to toggle between manual and AI content creation to generate copy for blog posts, landing pages, marketing emails, and more.

The content assistant can generate blog ideas, outlines, paragraphs, and email content.

7. SEO.ai

16 AI SEO Tools and How to Use AI in 2023 [New Data] (9)

SEO.aileverage AI to speed up the content creation and optimization process. The platform also provides a range of powerful tools to help you find and evaluate relevant keywords.SEO.aiinclude features like:

  • Generate entire blog posts, including formatting, bullet points, and pull quotes
  • Keyword research with advanced AI options and insights.
  • Customize tone of voice, target audience, and language for each project.
  • AI-based suggestions and optimization options for headlines and titles.
  • Advanced SEO score with competitor benchmarking.

8. NeuronWriter

16 AI SEO Tools and How to Use AI in 2023 [New Data] (10)This AI-powered optimization tool uses natural learning processing (NLP), Google SERPs data, and competition insights to help users create high-ranking, SEO-optimized articles and social media posts.

Key features are:

  • AI Writer, which generates AI-written content.
  • Internal Linking, which gives users recommendations for related sites — taking the guesswork out of link building.
  • Competitor Analysis, which analyzes the high-performing content from your competitor to give insight into what drives their ranking.

9. OutRanking

16 AI SEO Tools and How to Use AI in 2023 [New Data] (11)OutRankning examines data from top-ranking sites and uses the information to find opportunities to help its users rank higher.

Using SERP data, the tool can create an automated draft quickly, allowing users to make edits, fact-check, or re-write wherever they feel it's necessary.

OutRanking can generate SEO-optimized blog outlines, briefs, titles, and campaigns.

10. Diib

16 AI SEO Tools and How to Use AI in 2023 [New Data] (12)Diib uses SEO and traffic insights to foster business growth. The AI SEO tool provides you with a personalized growth plan that includes customized objectives alerts to help with SEO.

It includes features that help monitor SEO keywords and develop new ones.

It also monitors backlinks and tracks competitor rankings. Even better, Diibs provides a daily health score to stay on top of your website's health.

11. Surfer SEO

16 AI SEO Tools and How to Use AI in 2023 [New Data] (13)Surfer SEO is an AI tool focusing heavily on SEO strategy to boost organic traffic, visibility, and rankings in SERPs.

One of the tool's features, Grow Flow, provides weekly SEO insights to identify high-ranking keywords, research niche topics generate content ideas, and find relevant internal links.

You can also use its SEO Audit tool to pinpoint problems in your SEO. Other helpful features include:

  • Content Editor
  • Audit
  • AI Outline Generator

12. PageSpeed Insights

16 AI SEO Tools and How to Use AI in 2023 [New Data] (14)Page speed plays a role in how high your website ranks in SERPs because search engines don't want to send users to slow-loading platforms. In fact, page speed has played a role in Google's rankings since 2017.

PageSpeed Insights is a free tool provided by Google for website owners to examine how Google assesses their page speed.

13. Scalenut

16 AI SEO Tools and How to Use AI in 2023 [New Data] (15)Scalenut is an all-in-one SEO marketing tool that includes a keyword planner, SERP analyzer, SEO article writer, and content optimizer. With Scalenut, you can analyze the search volume and relevance of potential keywords using AI.

Its article writer creates a guided workflow to automate outlines and create content based on SERP data. And its editor provides real-time feedback and recommendations to boost the visibility of your posts.

14. Pictory

16 AI SEO Tools and How to Use AI in 2023 [New Data] (16)Videos increase website retention time, which helps sites rank higher in SERPs. If you're looking for a quicker, more efficient way to incorporate videos into your web content, then Pictory could be your tool.

Pictory is an AI video generator that allows you to easily create and edit high-quality videos. To get started, upload a script for your video, which will serve as the base of your video content.

You can also use Pictory to edit videos based on text, which is especially useful for webinars, podcasts, and Zoom recordings.

Furthermore, Pictory has a feature that automatically captions and summarizes videos.

15. Nitro Pack

16 AI SEO Tools and How to Use AI in 2023 [New Data] (17)As I mentioned earlier, page speed is important in how your content ranks. Similar to Page Speed Insights, Nitro Pack is an AI tool that optimizes your website page loading time.

Nitro Pack includes features such as image optimization, which sizes, compresses, and adapts your images to load faster.

Other features, such as automatic caching and code optimization, are also excellent for improving page load time.

16. Neuraltext

16 AI SEO Tools and How to Use AI in 2023 [New Data] (18)Neuraltext is a keyword research tool, AI copywriter, and content tool. The AI copywriting feature includes over 50 templates, such as Facebook ads, slogan ideas, blog ideas, and more.

Its content features use data from ranked pages on Google to help generate well-researched content.

To use its content features, type in a keyword, and the tool will pull from the top 20 results on Google along with data on suggested keywords, topics, questions, and statistics.

Now that you have a list of AI SEO tools to choose from, you're ready to find the right one to address any pain points in your SEO strategy.

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How can AI be used for SEO? ›

AI-powered SEO uses AI tools to analyze keywords and your site performance to determine which steps can help you rank higher in search results. AI can analyze data, see which pages rank above yours, and tell you how to raise your brand's profile. Google's BERT and Rankbrain algorithms, for example, are powered by AI.

Is there an AI tool for SEO? ›

Surfer SEO is an AI tool focusing heavily on SEO strategy to boost organic traffic, visibility, and rankings in SERPs. One of the tool's features, Grow Flow, provides weekly SEO insights to identify high-ranking keywords, research niche topics generate content ideas, and find relevant internal links.

What is the best AI tool for keywords? ›

Rytr. Rytr is an AI-writing tool with a killer keyword generator feature. It generates highly relevant keywords by understanding the context of your content and saves you time on keyword research. All you have to do is to select the “Keyword Generator” use case and enter your primary keyword.

How AI is going to affect content SEO strategies in 2023? ›

The emergence of 'ChatGPT' and 'GPT-4' in 2023

SEO has become more involved with innovative AI tools that help an SEO specialist to work rapidly, and 'ChatGPT' is another leap in contextual-driven AI. The OpenAI chatbot can understand search engine queries and give a detailed answer within a few seconds.

How can I use AI in my website? ›

Here are 11 advanced ways to use AI to improve your business website.
  1. Website Creation. ...
  2. Search Engine Optimization. ...
  3. Real-time Personalization. ...
  4. Content Creation. ...
  5. Online Customer Service. ...
  6. Content Curation. ...
  7. Churn Prediction. ...
  8. Accessibility.

What program do you use for AI? ›

Comparison Table of AI Software
AI ToolsFunctionalityPrice
H2O AIMachine LearningFree
CortanaVirtual AssistantFree
IBM WatsonQuestion-answering system.Free
Salesforce EinsteinCRM systemContact them for pricing details
6 more rows
Apr 28, 2023

Does Google have an SEO tool? ›

Google offers a variety of free SEO tools to help website owners and SEO professionals improve their website's search engine rankings and performance. We've covered the most popular and most useful: Google Search Console.

Can Google detect AI content? ›

Google can detect AI content, but it won't affect your rankings as long as your content is created for people first and foremost, not search engines. What matters is the intent and guiding hand behind your content creation, NOT the method you used to create it.

What is the best AI tool? ›

10 “Best” AI Tools for Business (May 2023)
  • Pictory. Pictory is an AI video generator that enables you to easily create and edit high-quality videos. ...
  • Jasper. ...
  • Murf. ...
  • HitPaw Photo Enhancer. ...
  • Flick. ...
  • Lovo.ai. ...
  • Fireflies. ...
  • Tidio.
4 days ago

What is the most advanced AI to use? ›

GPT-3 was released in 2020 and is the largest and most powerful AI model to date. It has 175 billion parameters, which is more than ten times larger than its predecessor, GPT-2.

Which search algorithm is best in AI? ›

The best First Search algorithm in artificial intelligence is used for for finding the shortest path from a given starting node to a goal node in a graph. The algorithm works by expanding the nodes of the graph in order of increasing the distance from the starting node until the goal node is reached.

What is the best SEO strategy for 2023? ›

Eight SEO Best Practices To Increase Organic Site Traffic In 2023
  1. Identify the right keywords. Keywords are super important for SEO. ...
  2. Create relevant content. ...
  3. Optimize page titles and descriptions. ...
  4. Optimize images. ...
  5. Use internal links. ...
  6. Optimize URLs. ...
  7. Reduce website load time. ...
  8. Build quality backlinks.
Feb 22, 2023

Which is the best SEO tool for 2023? ›

10 best SEO tools for 2023
  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Level: Beginner through to advanced. ...
  • Clearscope. Level: All levels. ...
  • Semrush. Level: Intermediate through to advanced. ...
  • Ahrefs. Level: Advanced. ...
  • Moz. Level: Beginner through to intermediate. ...
  • Surfer SEO. Level: All levels. ...
  • SE Ranking. Level: All levels. ...
  • WooRank.

How much does it cost to add AI to a website? ›

The cost of artificial intelligence ranges between $6,000 to $300,000 for a custom solution, with the price varying based on multiple factors. That said, you can pay for AI at a cheaper rate, though those are typically pre-built services that have limits on customization.

How can I use AI for free? ›

20 Best Free AI Tools Online for Your Business or Personal Use
  1. Dall-E 2: AI Image Generator. ...
  2. ChatGPT 3: An Ask-It-All AI Chatbot. ...
  3. Midjourney: AI Tool To Create Fascinating Art. ...
  4. GFP-GAN: Image Restoration Tool. ...
  5. Lumen5: AI Video Generator. ...
  6. Brandmark.io: Generate Brandnames Using AI. ...
  7. Riffusion: AI Beat Generator.
Feb 13, 2023

What AI website writes code for you? ›

GitHub Copilot, Microsoft's AI system to write code, is an AI-powered code suggestion and generation tool developed in collaboration with OpenAI. It uses machine learning models trained on a vast corpus of public code to suggest code snippets and even entire functions as developers type.

What is the smartest AI in 2023? ›

The best overall AI chatbot is the new Bing due to its exceptional performance, versatility, and free availability. It uses OpenAI's cutting-edge GPT-4 language model, making it highly proficient in various language tasks, including writing, summarization, translation, and conversation.

How do I program my own AI? ›

How to create an AI from scratch?
  1. Define the problem to solve with AI.
  2. Collect and preprocess data for AI development.
  3. Choose the right tools and platforms for AI development, such as programming languages and frameworks.
  4. Develop AI models using machine learning or deep learning algorithms.
Mar 13, 2023

Can I do SEO on my own? ›

Search engine optimization does not require a professional. Companies with small-to-medium websites and an SEO-friendly content management system or ecommerce platform can do much of the work in-house. Here are my top 10 do-it-yourself SEO tips.

Is SEO free or paid? ›

Technically, SEO is free. You're not paying money for SERP placement. Google ranks content based on a number of factors including the E-A-T trio: Expertise, Authority, and Trust. They're going to highly rank those who are seen as valuable resources for users.

How can AI text be detected? ›

MIT-IBM Watson AI lab and the Harvard NLP group created the Giant Language model Test Room to detect AI-generated text. It analyzes inputs based on how likely each word is to appear based on the word immediately to the left. The more predictable the word is, the more likely the text is written by AI.

How do I not get detected by AI? ›

4 ways to avoid detection
  1. Get the AI to output text less likely to detect.
  2. Use another tool to camouflage the text as AI generated.
  3. Use a tool with a more advanced AI engine.
  4. Mixing human and AI writing.
May 16, 2023

How do you tell if something was written by an AI? ›

GLTR is currently the most visual way to predict if casual portions of text have been written with AI. To use GLTR, simply copy and paste a piece of text into the input box and hit "analyze."

What is the best AI image generator? ›

What is the best AI art generator?
AI art generatorPriceOutput speed
Bing Image CreatorFreeFast
DALL-E 2 by OpenAIFree + Credits (depends on sign up date)Fast
Dream by WOMBOFree + SubscriptionFast
2 more rows
May 17, 2023

How to learn AI tools? ›

You can learn artificial intelligence by taking an online course or enrolling in a data science bootcamp. Many bootcamps provide an introduction to machine learning. Machine learning is a tool that AI uses that involves exposing an algorithm to a large amount of data. It allows the AI to learn faster.

What is the most realistic AI? ›

4 Robots That Look Like Humans
  1. Ameca the Humanoid Robot — Most Expressive. (Credit: Engineered Arts) ...
  2. Sophia the Robot — Android Ambassador. A humanoid robot named Sophia spoke at the AI for Good Global Summit in Geneva, Switzerland in 2017. ( ...
  3. Boston Dynamics Atlas — The Robot That Can Do Parkour. ...
  4. Valkyrie — The NASA Robot.
Mar 16, 2023

What is the most common kind of AI used today? ›

Machine learning is the most well-known type of artificial intelligence. It is used in everything from self-driving cars to marketing software.

What are the top 3 technology direction of AI? ›

In this article, I will explain three major directions of artificial intelligence technology, that are speech recognition, computer vision, and natural language processing.

What is best first search code in AI? ›

A* search is the most commonly known form of best-first search. It uses heuristic function h(n), and cost to reach the node n from the start state g(n).

Which AI algorithm is easiest? ›

Linear Regression is the most simple and effective regression algorithm.

What AI does Google search use? ›

Supercharging Search with generative AI. Sign up today to test our latest update to Search, which uses generative AI to give you more information and context to your searches. For the past 25 years, we've been devoted to the science and the craft of building a search engine.

What are the benefits of AI in SEO? ›

Additionally, AI can automate and streamline SEO tasks and processes, such as keyword research, link building, site audits, and performance monitoring. This can help SEO marketers and professionals save time, money, and resources, while also improving the quality and effectiveness of their SEO campaigns.

How do I boost SEO with Google Analytics? ›

How to Track Your SEO Performance with Google Analytics: 15 Expert Tips
  1. Sync Your Search Console Account to Obtain More SEO Data.
  2. Create SEO-Related Goals.
  3. Apply the Right Filters for Accurate SEO Reporting.
  4. Improve SEO on Your Highest Converting Pages.
  5. Use the Content Drilldown Report.
Sep 1, 2022

What is one best use or example of AI in SEO and marketing? ›

AI in marketing and advertising is used to segment customers, message them at optimal times and personalize campaigns. Oftentimes, AI also works to automate these processes to save businesses time and money. These companies below use AI to create advertising campaigns and fine-tune marketing strategies.

What are keywords for SEO? ›

Your SEO keywords are the keywords and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines. A website that is well optimized for search engines “speaks the same language” as its potential visitor base with keywords for SEO that help connect searchers to your site.

What is the latest algorithm in SEO? ›

Desktop Page Experience (UX-Driven SEO) and Core Web Vitals. Google gradually implemented the Page Experience Algorithm in 2021. This algorithm update consists of several user experience signals, such as the Core Web Vitals, which essentially evaluate the overall experience with the web page.

What is the most popular search algorithm? ›

This type of searching algorithm is used to find the position of a specific value contained in a sorted array. The binary search algorithm works on the principle of divide and conquer and it is considered the best searching algorithm because it's faster to run.

How do I master SEO skills? ›

SEO Step-by-Step Tutorial
  1. Step 1: Find keywords.
  2. Step 2: Put keywords in the page title.
  3. Step 3: Put keywords in the page URL.
  4. Step 4: Put keywords in your meta description.
  5. Step 5: Put keywords in your H1 text.
  6. Step 6: Use keywords in the page's content.
  7. Step 7: Build links to your website.
  8. Step 8: Monitor your rank.
Jul 21, 2022

Is it hard to master SEO? ›

SEO is not that hard to learn, but it can be confusing and overwhelming to get started. Learning SEO means learning about a long list of individual digital marketing strategies, which can feel a bit like adding new weapons to your arsenal as you learn how to wield them.

How is AI used in Google search? ›

We've developed completely new ways to search, powered by our latest advancements in AI — whether that's searching visually with Lens, or across modalities, using both images and text with multisearch.

Why is artificial influencing important in SEO? ›

When Artificial Intelligence is exercised on the SEO, it enables to collect accurate and real-time data on targeted ads, analyse the quality of current content, frame the commercial campaigns and also deal with the customer section for targeted markets.

How does AI help in Google search? ›

Google is utilizing AI to improve its search features, including the popular Google Lens and the new multisearch feature. With the new updates, users will be able to search using both images and text simultaneously, as well as search directly from their mobile screens with Google Lens.

What are 3 advantages of AI? ›

The following are the primary advantages of AI:
  • AI drives down the time taken to perform a task. ...
  • AI enables the execution of hitherto complex tasks without significant cost outlays.
  • AI operates 24x7 without interruption or breaks and has no downtime.
  • AI augments the capabilities of differently abled individuals.

What are 3 major benefits of using AI in software testing? ›

What Are The Significant Advantages Of Artificial Intelligence In Software Testing?
  • Enhanced Accuracy. ...
  • Savings in Time and Money. ...
  • Greater Test Coverage. ...
  • Enhanced Defect Tracing. ...
  • Improved Regression Tests. ...
  • Conduct Visual Testing. ...
  • Automated API Test Generation. ...
  • Self-Repair Involved in the Implementation of Selenium Tests.

What is AI search algorithm? ›

A* Search Algorithm is a simple and efficient search algorithm that can be used to find the optimal path between two nodes in a graph. It will be used for the shortest path finding. It is an extension of Dijkstra's shortest path algorithm (Dijkstra's Algorithm).

How accurate is Google AI? ›

Google's medically focused generative artificial intelligence (AI) model achieved 85% accuracy on a U.S. Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) practice test, the highest score ever recorded by an AI model, according to preliminary results shared by the Google Health AI teamopens in a new tab or window.

What are the examples of AI? ›

Apple's Siri, Google Now, Amazon's Alexa, and Microsoft's Cortana are one of the main examples of AI in everyday life. These digital assistants help users perform various tasks, from checking their schedules and searching for something on the web, to sending commands to another app.

How does AI content affect SEO? ›

Using AI generators to produce content can help you create more content more frequently, which will boost your ranking in search engines. AI content generators are great at highlighting trending keywords for a given topic.

How does artificial intelligence affect SEO? ›

AI-powered natural language processing enables search engines to understand the context and intent of user queries and provide more relevant search results. This has significant implications for SEO, as it means that websites need to focus on providing high-quality content that answers user queries and provides value.

How to use AI to generate content? ›

How does AI-generated content work? To produce content, users enter the text format needed, a topic and keywords. The AI then searches the internet and pieces together copy fitting the requested format. Some tools also rewrite a business's existing content to add information based on web searches and editing tools.

Can I use AI generated content on my website? ›

You can use AI tools as part of your content creation process. However, you must do a human edit before hitting publish. Be critical of the content that rolls out of the AI tool. Make sure to do a fact-check.


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